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Fun Holiday Activities with Your Pet

Christmas Pet

Fun Holiday Activities You Can Do With Your Pet From Your Manhattan Veterinarian

As the holiday season approaches and you are making plans for baking holiday treats, shopping for and wrapping gifts and spending time with family and friends, it is important that you manage to spend time with your dog or cat. Here are a few ideas for fun ways to include your pet in the festivities.

Create a Family Photo Card

When you buy the matching outfits for your family Christmas photo in Manhattan, don’t forget to get one for your dog or cat as well. You can get creative by making the photo something outside of typical photo, for example, instead of wearing your best outfit, this year make it an ugly Christmas sweater photo. If you have a cat, put a Santa on them that matches the stockings hanging on the fireplace or if you have a puppy, consider letting them wear reindeer antlers.

Go Christmas Caroling

If one of your family’s traditions is to go Christmas caroling, don’t forget to let your dog tag along for the event. Your dog may surprise your neighbors by howling happily along to your favorite songs. Before taking your dog out on a cold night for caroling, make sure to dress them in a warm sweater and make a visit to the veterinarian to ensure they are healthy enough to spend several hours out in the cold.

Go See the Christmas Decorations

Just like you, most pets also enjoy seeing the bright holiday decorations. Instead of simply going for your nightly walk to the corner and back, bundle up your pet and take them for a walk around the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights. Remember to dress your small dog in a warm coat and make sure their feet are protected.

Christmas Party for Pets

Whether you have an annual large Christmas party or a small get-together for baking cookies, consider having a party just for pets. For example, instead of having friends over to bake cookies, invite other pet parents over to make a variety of pet-friendly treats. If you and the other pet parents are in a giving mood, consider baking a variety of pet treats that you can give as gifts to the local pet shelter.

Play in the Snow

Manhattan and the Upper West Side get plenty of snow, so instead of keeping your pet indoors to watch the snow through the window, consider taking them outside to play in the snow. Your pet will have a lot of fun playing Frisbee in the snow and it will give them a chance to burn off some energy. After playing in the snow, remember to dry them off to prevent the risk of getting ill.

The holidays can be a stressful time and unfortunately, your pets may pick up on this stress. Including your pet in your celebrations may help to reduce both your stress and your pet’s stress. Just keep in mind that if your pet isn’t used to being around large groups of people, it may be best to limit the holiday celebrations with your pet to small get gatherings. This is also a good time to schedule an appointment with the vet to make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations and to get a basic veterinary wellness check.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Manhattan Veterinarian

Don’t let your pet be left out of the holiday festivities due to illness, contact Animal General today to schedule an appointment with the doctor for your pet’s wellness check.

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