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Why Microchipping is Important

The process of placing a Microchip in a dog or cat is one that should be considered by every pet owner. Contact Animal General to make an appointment with our veterinarian if you live in the upper west side of Manhattan or near the 10024 zip code. Here is some information about exams and microchipping to look over so you can decide if you want to add this procedure to your pet's wellness plan.

What A Microchip Is

A Microchip is a very small implant that is placed underneath a pet's skin. This chip holds valuable data that can be accessed if your pet happens to become lost. The information is uploaded to the chip via a computer program and is read by a special tool that humane society workers or veterinarians have available.

How Microchipping Can Help Your Pet

If your pet wanders away from you, you are likely to be very concerned about their well-being. A Microchip may allow for you to be reunited with your pet if it is brought to a humane society or vet's office. The pet will be checked for an implant and if it has one present, the information is accessed so you receive a phone call alerting you that your pet has been found. Microchipping is important for pets that tend to stray from the home.

How An Implant Is Placed

Our doctor will first conduct an examination to check on your pet's overall health. They will then insert the microchip underneath your pet's layers of skin using a needle. This will not cause your pet any type of pain, but only minor discomfort after the implant is in place. This will subside as the skin around the implant heals. Most pets receive implants in the shoulder blade area as it cannot be accessed by biting or scratching.

Contact Our Animal General in New York Today!

If you are ready to have your dog or cat microchipped, and you live in the upper west side area of Manhattan or near the 10024 zip code, contact our veterinary practice today. Call (212) 501-9600 for more information about exams.

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