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Pet Dental Care From Animal General in New York City

Do you ever think about your pet’s teeth and how important it is to provide at home dental care? Just like with humans, poor dental health in pets can play a part in the overall health of your pet. Professional veterinary dental checks at least once a year is a good preventative tool in keeping your pet’s teeth and oral health in tip-top shape.

What is veterinary dentistry?

Veterinary dentistry, just like human dentistry, includes cleaning, adjustments, fillings, extractions, and repairs. Who should perform pet dental exams? Only those who are trained as a board-certified veterinary dentist or veterinarian that has been properly trained. In some states, veterinary techs, under the supervision of a veterinarian, can perform certain tasks or dental procedures.

Oral health in dogs and cats

Cavities can be a dental issue with pets but are not as common as it is with people. Other dental problems that our pets can face that are the same as people include:

  • Infected teeth or abscesses
  • broken roots and teeth
  • periodontal disease
  • cysts or tumors in the mouth
  • malocclusion, or misalignment of the teeth and bite
  • palate defects (such as cleft palate)

The most common dental problem with pets is periodontal disease and will continue to worsen as the et ages. One critical step in pet health is early treatment and detection. Prevention is key in the overall health. Health issues that can stem from poor dental health issues like periodontal disease include problems with the liver, heart muscle changes and kidney problems. Brushing your pet’s teeth at home is an important part of the routine and should be done several times a week with pet-friendly toothpaste and toothbrushes.

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