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Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Cold Weather Tips for Pets in New York City

Cold weather can cause certain challenges for your pets, especially if they are older or have health issues. To keep your pets safe and healthy, follow some helpful cold weather tips from our veterinarians in New York City at Animal General.

Keep Outdoor Time Short

Being out in the cold for longer periods can put your pets at risk of hypothermia, frostbite, or other serious health problems. Limit their walks and other outdoor time, especially when it’s freezing out. Keep in mind that senior dogs, puppies, dogs with short, thin coats, and dogs with underlying medical conditions are even more at risk of developing severe problems from exposure to cold temperatures. If you have cats, keep them inside when it’s cold instead of letting them out.

Wipe Your Pets’ Paws

Your pets might walk through rock salt or step in antifreeze when they’re outside for walks. Salt, antifreeze, and similar substances are highly toxic to dogs, so it’s essential to wipe off their paws when you get back inside your house. You should try to avoid walking anywhere near areas with antifreeze to lower the risk of your dogs ingesting this substance. Cats might also ingest antifreeze, which is another reason to keep them inside during cold weather.

Keep Pets Warm and Dry Outside

You may not be able to avoid taking your pets out when it’s cold outdoors, but you can make sure they stay as warm and dry as possible. Consider having dogs wear a jacket or sweater outside, especially if it’s snowing. This helps keep their skin and fur dry. Just remember to remove any damp clothing they’re wearing as soon as you get back inside the house. Consider putting pet boots on your dogs to keep their paws dry and safe.

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