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Dog Skin Problems

Animal General Discusses Dog Skin Problems

Dogs sometimes develop skin problems that can either be mild or severe, intermittent or chronic. Constant itching, redness, and bald patches can sometimes occur. Investigation of underlying issues can help to resolve these problems, so your dog can be comfortable and trouble-free again. At Animal General in New York City, NY, we have experience treating a wide variety of canine skin problems.


Sometimes, allergies result in skin eruptions of various types that cause discomfort and are unsightly. The reaction may be from outdoor allergens or from contact with compounds used inside the home. Your vet can help determine the source of the problem and can provide medications to manage symptoms.

Parasites & Pathogens

Fleas, tick, and mites can also cause redness, itching, rashes, and severe irritation that lead to hair loss. Your vet can help with effective prevention and treatment measures to eliminate the problem. In some cases, a skin problem will be the result of bacterial infection, fungal infection, or other pathogen. Veterinarians can provide a number of treatments to eliminate the pathogen and to help promote healing.

General Health Conditions

In some cases, metabolic disorders or other veterinary conditions can cause skin eruptions, lesions, or other symptoms. Management of the underlying condition can  help clear up skin problems these conditions cause. Autoimmune system problems can also lead to chronic, troublesome skin issues. Cancer can also occur on the skin of pets, which requires careful diagnosis and treatment by your veterinarian.

Make Animal General Your Veterinarian in New York City

The veterinarians and staff at Animal General are dedicated to providing quality care for their patients in New York City, NY, and the surrounding areas. Our animal hospital offers many veterinary services, including wellness exams, vaccinations, preventative care dental care, surgery, and pharmacy services. Call Animal General today at 202-501-9600 for an appointment to have your dog examined and to learn about today’s treatment for common skin conditions.

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