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Signs of Arthritis in Pets

Is your pet having trouble getting down from the sofa? Or perhaps she isn’t running to great you like before? Your animal friend could have arthritis. Instead of waiting to see if your pet’s condition improves, you should get veterinary care immediately. At Animal General in Manhattan, NY, we provide a range of pet services to ensure that your pet’s health stays at its best. We can diagnose and treat conditions like arthritis.

Causes of Pet Arthritis

Just like humans, pets can suffer from arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory disease that affects multiple joints in the body. It depletes the cartilage in the joints, causing pain and stiffness.

While age is the common factor that leads to arthritis, other factors that affect the development of arthritis include:

  • Unhealthy weight
  • Breed of your pet
  • Family history
  • Lyme disease
  • Trauma
  • Abnormal joint growth
  • Infections

Signs of Arthritis in Pets

Since pets are part of the family, every pet parent should know when their pets aren’t at their best. If your pet is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may have arthritis.

  • Reluctance to move: If you notice that your pet is having trouble climbing stairs or darting into your vehicle, the culprit could be arthritis. Arthritis causes joint swelling and pain that restricts mobility.
  • Limping: If your pet’s leg joints are affected, your pet may start limping. If the spine is affected, it may cause lameness in the hind legs.
  • Irritability: Has your pet suddenly turned grumpy? It’s understandable if she has arthritis. Due to constant pain, your pet may easily become ill-tempered at the slightest provocation.
  • Inactivity: Pain is exhausting. Since pain or swelling is restricting your pet’s mobility, she may spend most of her time sleeping.
  • Muscle atrophy: Since some of your pet’s muscles aren’t actively utilized, they may deteriorate over time. You may notice some body parts, like one leg, becoming thinner than others.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Veterinarian

If you have spotted any of the above symptoms in your pet, she may have arthritis. Visit our animal hospital right away. At Animal General in Manhattan, NY, we will provide treatment for your pet and suggestions for how to make her more comfortable at home. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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