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How Safe is Pet Anesthesia?

Some veterinarian procedures like spaying, neutering, and surgery must be performed with your pet sedated. Because of this, many pet owners wonder how safe is pet anesthesia. At Animal General Manhattan, our veterinarian has years of experience performing procedures involving pet anesthesia. Read on to learn more about pet anesthesia.

How is Pet Anesthesia Administered?

Anesthesia can be delivered by gas inhalation, intravenous infusion, or a combination of the two. While under anesthesia the pet is monitored, and additional medication is administered to support blood circulation and pressure. Our veterinarian then proceeds to perform the procedure. When your pet wakes up, they are placed in a kennel to recover. While recovering, your pet will be closely monitored so care can be provided should problems arise.

What are the Risk Factors of Administering Pet Anesthesia?

Our veterinarian will perform a thorough medical examination before sedating your pet. The goal is to identify pre-existing health conditions that can compromise your pet’s safety when sedated. At our animal hospital, we take extra precautions and perform diagnostic testing beforehand to enhance your pet’s safety when sedated.

Your pet’s age and weight may also pose a risk to your pet’s safety, especially if your pet has an underlying health condition. Our vet may recommend exercises to help your pet lose weight before going for the procedure. Surprisingly, small pups face challenges too. Their tiny bodies can lead to rapid drops in body temperature when sedated. Our veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s condition to determine whether or not anesthesia will be safe and proceed accordingly.

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