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Animal General Veterinary on the Upper West Side


Convenient Veterinary Services on the Upper West Side

At Animal General, we understand that you want your veterinarian to be fully engaged in the care of your pet. An assembly-line attitude won’t provide the individualized attention your pet is accustomed to, care that will make him or her feel loved and secure. Animal General knows that gentle treatment will ensure that pets learn to handle their veterinary care more easily and that compassionate care can help sick or injured animals get well faster. That’s why we strive to always understand the unique needs of each of our animal patients.

A Range of Veterinary Services for Your Dog or Cat

Animal General can provide wellness examinations, vaccinations, microchipping, puppy and kitten care, parasite prevention, health certificates, travel documentation and routine laboratory testing. Our diagnostic services include blood work, urinalysis, fecal analysis, fungus culture, cytology, protective titers and ultrasonography. We do full anesthetic monitoring for spay and neuter surgery, orthopedic surgery, abdominal exploratory surgery and repair, as well as for laceration repair and cystotomy. We also provide dental care for pets and diagnosis of common conditions of the heart, endocrine systems, gastrointestinal system and neurological system. The doctor can also treat infectious diseases of animals. Compassionate end-of-life care is also available for our patients. Animal General also offers puppy playgroups and grief counseling. Whatever your pet’s needs, at any stage of life, Animal General is available to help, with with professional care and personalized service.

Experienced, Compassionate Care For Your Pet

Pet owners in New York can experience the highest quality veterinary care for their animal companions, provided by a compassionate staff that understands that pets are an important part of your family. We offer care for cats and dogs at all stages of their lives, from puppy and kittenhood to geriatrics. We provide state-of-the-art diagnostics services, surgical services and recovery care. When your pet needs intensive attention during an illness or injury, you can be assured that Animal General personnel are there to ensure he or she receives the careful monitoring that is needed.

Make Animal General Your Veterinarian on the Upper West Side

The veterinarians and staff at Animal General have years of experience caring for the needs of animals in the New York area. Together, we can offer your pet superior veterinary services and the dedicated care that only true animal lovers can provide. Whether for regular wellness visits, preventative care or serious illness, we ensure that your pet receives comprehensive veterinary services and compassionate personal interaction. Contact Animal General today at 212-501-9600 for an appointment to learn how the vet at Animal General can help your pet maintain optimum health at every stage of life.

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