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5 Things Every New Dog Owner Should Know

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5 Things Every New Dog Owner Should Know

Having a dog can be an enriching experience for many people, and often seeing adorable pictures of dog owners with their dogs or cute little puppies can leave a prospective owner a bit overly optimistic about what owning a dog will be like. You need to pick a dog based on your personality as well as the dogs, rather than just looks. According to dog expert Caesar Milan, any dog you choose should have the same amount or less energy than you. Here are five things that new dog owners should keep in mind.

Your Life Will Be Disrupted

Whether you are getting a young puppy from a breeder or rescuing an older dog from a shelter. Owning a dog will change your life. It will take time for a dog of any age to adjust to your routine, and as a result, you will have interrupted sleep and accidents to deal with at inconvenient times. One of the first things you want to do is get your new pet used to their new doctor. So it is important to take your search for a new veterinarian in New York's Upper West Side seriously, At Animal General in New York, NY we have seen new dog owners face a wide variety of issues and has guided them in making the best choices for their pet's wellness.

Know What Your Pet Can and Can't Eat.

Obesity in dogs is a big problem, as it is with humans. As humans, we are in charge of our own willpower and senses. Dog's depend on their humans to guide them toward a healthy diet, While choosing a high quality, nutritionally sound food formulated for your dog or puppy's age is a good first step, it is also important to be educated about types of human food and plants can potentially harm your dog. For example, both lilies and chocolate are toxic and can result in various problems ranging from an upset stomach to death, and that's before addressing the possibility of any allergies. If you change your dogs food from what they are accustomed to eating, do so gradually to make the transition go as smoothly as possible,

You Need to Socialize and Train Puppies as Soon as Possible

Most dogs are happiest and well-adjusted if they are able to interact with other dogs occasionally, as well as other people. They succeed much better if both socialization and training begin early. Puppies respond best to socialization if they are younger than 16 weeks. They are also never too young to begin some kind of training, especially when it comes to unwanted behaviors such as jumping on people, barking, or destructive chewing. Don't count on your puppy growing out of a disruptive behavior. Without training, you just wind up with misbehavior in a larger and louder package. At Animal General, our full-service veterinary staff can help with training suggestions.

Be Stocked with Supplies, before your Furry Friend Comes Home

Once you've picked out a dog, be sure to get their home ready for them before they are introduced into your life, including choosing a name. Most of the time it is best to choose a simple name that the dog will be quick to understand. Names that rhyme with "no" is also not advisable. They will also need a kennel or crate for training and sleeping. Healthy treats, a leash with a collar or harness, nail clippers, and other supplies.

Quality Veterinary Care is Worth It

Once a new dog starts needing to see their doctor, many dog owners experience sticker shock, because vet bills are more than expected. In order to keep these in check, consider purchasing pet insurance that will help keep those bills in check.

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