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Why Are Diagnostic Services Important For Your Pet?

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Animal General Offers Diagnostic Services for Your Pet’s Care

At Animal General, we know that your dog or cat is a member of your family and an important part of your life. That’s why we include state-of-the-art diagnostic services to our veterinary practice to ensure that we can provide the highest quality care for your pet when you need it. The equipment and procedures allow us to diagnose problems quickly so we can begin treatment as soon as possible.

Why Diagnostic Tests Are Critical For Your Pet

When your dog or cat has a health problem, the vet uses a variety of techniques to get to the source of the issue. Changes in body temperature, weight, appetite and energy level can signal a problem that requires further investigation. Sensitive areas of the body or the animal’s reluctance to put weight on limbs may signal an issue that is not visible on the surface. In these cases, the doctor may advise one or more of a variety of tests that can provide information about what’s going on inside your pet’s body. In some cases, you may not even suspect your pet has a problem, but a test will reveal a health issue in the early stages so that it can be treated before it becomes a more critical event.

Common Veterinary Diagnostic Tests

Blood and urine tests tell a great deal about the function of organs inside the body. X-rays and ultrasound tests can indicate structural problems, injuries and other issues. Cytology and histopathology tests can detect changes in cell structure that can indicate a variety of problems. Fecal tests can determine if internal parasites are present. Fungal cultures can determine if the problem is a result of fungal growth. These tests are important tools that can help your veterinarian keep your cat or dog healthy throughout its life.

Make Animal General Your Upper West Side Veterinarian

The veterinarians at Animal General use their intensive knowledge and experience of veterinary science to ensure the health of their patients on the Upper West Side of NYC. Our Manhattan facility makes it easy for pets to receive the preventative care they need to maintain good health and the diagnostic services needed when an illness or injury occurs. Monitored carefully by our trained staff, all of our patients receive the individualized care and attention they need. Call Animal General today at 202-257-0318 for an appointment to learn about the diagnostic services that can help your pet stay healthy and active.

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