Cat Vaccinations

4 Important Cat Vaccinations Your Feline Needs

At Animal General, a veterinarian in Manhattan, we care about the relationship you have with your pet. That's why we take extra care to make sure you're taking the best possible care of them that you can. We know it's important to have your cat vaccinated against common illnesses to help them live a long and healthy life. When you visit our office for cat vaccinations, here's what we'll cover.


Core Cat Vaccinations

There are four important vaccinations every cat must have. Thankfully, three of these can be combined into a single shot. These include feline rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, and feline panleukopenia. When combined, we abbreviate this vaccine as FVRCP. These are diseases that are commonly found in nature and in the general cat population. Calcivirus, in particular, is one of the leading causes of upper respiratory infections in cats.

Your cat can have this shot as early as six weeks old with additional shots every three to four weeks until your cat is 16 weeks old. Most veterinarians will recommend getting this shot at eight weeks old, and then getting booster shots at 12 and 16 weeks old. This minimized schedule helps to reduce over-vaccination.

The fourth core cat vaccination is for rabies. Rabies is a fatal disease and can spread to other animals and humans if not treated. This vaccine can be available as early as 12 weeks old, but this varies by state and veterinarian.

There are three other non-core vaccinations that are reserved for at-risk cats. Your veterinarian will be able to let you know if these are recommended for your cat.

Boosters for Adult Cats

Ideally, the breeder or animal shelter will have taken care of these core vaccinations when your feline friend was just a kitten. When your cat reaches one year old, you will need to return for booster shots. After that, you will only need booster shots every one to three years. This varies based on your cat's lifestyle and health risk. When you visit us for the one year check-up, we will discuss the options with you and make our recommendation.

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