Comprehensive Pet Wellness Exams

Comprehensive Pet Wellness Exams From Your Manhattan Veterinarian

If you have a healthy adult pet, why bring it into the vet office? Just like human beings, pets benefit from annual pet wellness exams. We can find a wide range of problems that only a close examination can reveal, plus we offer a wide range of preventative medicine during the exams. Bringing your pet in for an exam is the best way to keep it as healthy as it is right now.

Comprehensive Pet Wellness Exams

Veterinarian Talks Preventative Medicine

At Animal General, we're big believers in preventative medicine. It's much healthier to prevent disease from happening than it is to cure it once it appears. Every dog or cat that comes into our office for a wellness checkup experiences preventative medicine and treatment. Some of the ways we prevent health problems in your dog or cat include:

  • Spaying and neutering, which completely prevents certain cancers from developing in pets
  • Annual vaccinations, to keep your pet free of certain deadly diseases
  • Obesity checks, to prevent your pet from suffering the many side effects of being overweight
  • Parasite prevention, which keeps your pet free of both internal and external parasites

The Comprehensive Pet Wellness Exam

When you bring your furry family member into our office for a wellness exam, we'll check it out from nose to tail, searching for any sign of developing health problems. We'll begin with a visual examination. Our veterinary doctor will weigh and measure your pet to make sure it's within normal weight limits and not moving into obesity. If your pet is becoming overweight, we'll consult with you on healthy food choices and lifestyle changes that will help your pet regain its healthy weight.

An oral examination is an important part of a wellness checkup. Almost all pets over three years old have a tartar problem and need to have their teeth cleaned. If tartar continues to grow without cleaning, it can harbor bacteria that might spread and infect the heart and other organs, as well as rotting teeth and jaw bones. We'll also inspect your pet for loose or broken teeth, swollen tongue or gums, and extremely bad breath, which can be a sign of internal infection. Our team will inspect your pet's fur and skin, eyes and ears, claws and paws, and general attitude. We'll administer any preventive medication needed to keep your pet healthy in the coming year.

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For wellness exams and any other type of veterinary care you need, the caring team in our upper west side office is here to care for your pet. Give our office a call at (212) 501-9600 to schedule an appointment today.

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