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Digital Ultrasounds at Animal General in New York City, NY

Ultrasounds, which are also known as sonograms, have been around for many years. Digital ultrasounds are the latest in modern technology used for diagnosing a variety of medical problems. Body areas are exposed to sound waves at a high frequency, which are then turned into images.  Digital readings are available immediately and have more clarity in images. This type of medical procedure is not only beneficial for humans, but animals, too.   It’s an important diagnostic tool we here at Animal General in New York City use to quickly find health problems that your pets may have.

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X-Rays versus Digital Ultrasounds

Today’s technology has introduced digital x-rays, which limits the use of radiation to minimal amounts.  X-rays help veterinarians see broken bones, dental issues, or the beginning of arthritis. If your pet has swallowed something, it will show up in an x-ray. Digital ultrasounds show organs and blood flow. There is no radiation involved with ultrasounds. Your pet will not need sedation for an ultrasound. Depending on your pet’s symptoms, the veterinarian will recommend an ultrasound.

What Does a Digital Ultrasound Show?

Digital ultrasounds are used to diagnose and treat a large variety of illnesses and injuries. Your experienced veterinarian will be able to see if there are damaged tendons or ligaments. It can be used to monitor an animal’s heart or other internal organs. If your pet is pregnant, ultrasounds are a safe way to monitor the fetuses. If your pet is developing arthritis, the veterinarians at Animal General can gauge the severity of the disease while moving the joint during the procedure. Digital ultrasounds are beneficial during surgeries, allowing the veterinarian to see the exact area they are working on during the procedure.

Safe and Painless Procedure

Injured or sick pets can be very stressed. Having a digital ultrasound done for them doesn’t require sedation. Your pet will get tender loving care from the Animal General staff as the procedure is done. When an ultrasound is done with an office exam and blood work, you’re sure to get complete answers when your pet has fallen ill or has been injured.

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