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In case you hadn’t noticed, your dog or cat cannot hold a toothbrush, which means that it cannot do much in the way of maintaining dental hygiene the way people can. This is why so many pet owners on the Upper West Side in New York have come to rely on the veterinary team at Animal General for all their pet dental service needs.

Pet Dental

Just like you need to make an appointment for teeth cleaning at your dentist two times or more every year for yourself and your family, you should make similar arrangements for your dog or cat at the veterinarian on a regular basis too. If you take care of your pet’s teeth, the teeth will take care of your pet too.

It’s Crucial to Obtain Pet Dental Service According to Schedule From Your Vet in New York

Following a meal, bacteria and food particles can turn into plaque if they are not brushed away. The plaque will eventually harden, leading to gum disease. Built up tartar pushes the gum line, forming pockets where bacteria can invade and cause a painful infection. Regular teeth cleaning is imperative for avoiding loss of teeth in your animal companion.

An animal with teeth in poor condition may experience so much pain that it becomes difficult to get enough food to eat. The pain itself causes stress too, which is bad for the animal’s health. A dog with dental pain cannot play fetch with you or play with chew toys until the situation is resolved in a professional veterinarian setting.

One of your responsibilities as a thoughtful pet owner is to make sure the animal’s teeth stay as healthy as possible. Our vet will conduct a comprehensive examination of your pet during the first appointment and consultation. The animal doctor will look inside your pet’s mouth, looking for signs of bleeding or inflamed gums, broken teeth, cavities and abscesses.

Here at Animal General, we offer prophylaxis to pets while they are fully sedated with anesthesia. For the convenience of pet owners, we use digital dental x-rays, which are much faster to process than conventional x-ray film. When warranted, our animal doctor will provide dental nerve blocks.

Our Team Will Teach You How to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean In Between Appointments

During our many years of experience maintaining the health of pets in the Upper West Side, we’ve seen that many animal owners do not know how to brush their pets’ teeth. This is an easy procedure that you can do at home and your animal companion will be in much better shape when you start this practice.

Our veterinary professionals will be happy to show you the best way to brush your pet’s teeth at home so you can avoid small problems from becoming bigger due to neglect. Your pet will have better breath going forward and the teeth will be healthier too!

Schedule an Appointment with Your Upper West Side Veterinarian

If you have any questions about how our veterinarian can keep your beloved animal companion’s teeth strong and healthy or if you want to make an appointment for pet dental service in the Upper West Side in New York, please get in touch with Animal General today at (212) 501-9600.

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