Pet Dermatology FAQs

Dermatology FAQs With Animal General In New York City, NY

Humans aren't the only ones who need dermatological care. Our pets sometimes need to check in with a dermatologist as well. For those New York City pet owners, here are the most frequently asked questions that we, at Animal General, hear when it comes to pet dermatology.

cat playing with toy1. What Is Dermatology?

This branch of medicine deals with the skin, hair, and nails of a person or an animal. A skin or hair irritation usually indicates a deeper health problem.

2. What Is A Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a doctor who has completed schooling in dermatology. A dermatologist can specialize in veterinary care for animals. 

3. Do Cats And Dogs Really Need Dermatology?

If a pet's skin health is experiencing an ongoing problem, then yes. Without dermatological care, your pet could be suffering from a diminished quality of life.

4. Which Pet Conditions Need Dermatological Care?

A skin rash, skin allergy, skin disease, or a hair disease could cause the need for dermatology treatment. A parasitic infestation from fleas or ticks could also cause dermatological problems.

5. What Are Some Signs And Symptoms That A Pet Needs Dermatological Care?

Be on the lookout for these signs in your pet: hair loss, excessive itchiness, excessive licking, excessive skin chewing, redness, scabies, rubbing against objects. If your pet displays any of these signs on a regular basis, then it's time to take him or her for a veterinary visit.

6. How Can I Prevent Dermatological Issues With My Pet?

If an allergy is causing the dermatological issue, then learning what allergens to avoid could help. A veterinarian can help determine what allergens are causing a reaction in your pet. Regularly washing, brushing, and grooming might help in prevention. 

7. My Pet Isn't Showing Any Problems. Should I Visit The Vet Anyway?

Yes. Many of these skin conditions start off asymptomatic. Scheduling and attending an annual vet exam will help in detecting these dermatological problems early on.

8. How Will A Veterinarian Treat My Pet?

A veterinarian will provide diagnostic testing to learn what condition is resulting in a skin or hair problem. Those vets will that come up with a suitable treatment option to address the pet's health issue. 

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