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Our veterinarian at Animal General in Manhattan is compassionate and skilled in dermatology and several areas of veterinary medicine to provide your pet with excellent care.

Atopic dermatitis also known as allergic dermatitis is a quite common skin condition for pets. In fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, more than 10% of all vet visits is for atopic dermatitis.

Sadly, this condition does not go away quickly it can take up to a year, but the good news is antihistamines and often corticosteroids are given to temporarily help decrease the itching.

Pet Dermatology Issues and Treatments

Skin Irritation

There are several possible reasons for your pet’s skin irritation with allergies at the top of the list, flea and tick bites, and food allergies. Flea dermatitis is caused by an allergic reaction to the fleas’ saliva, which is transmitted by flea bites. Tick bites are generally itchy to start with if they become infected the skin irritation will get much worse within a few days of them getting bit.

Another and less common cause of skin irritation is sarcoptic mange this condition is caused by skin mites. It causes your pet to experience severe itching in the affected areas and it usually cause hair loss. A vet visit is a must for an accurate diagnosis and ID by your pet’s veterinarian are vital for proper treatment.

Skin infections will also irritate your pet’s skin, infections can be caused by fungi or bacteria both of which require treatment. Always use a flea and tick medication as directed by your pet’s veterinarian to help prevent skin problems.

Hair Loss

There are several reasons your pet may be losing their hair which makes it a challenge for your pet’s veterinarian. Before the hair loss can be treated, the cause must be diagnosed. An examination and skin scraping to look at the skin cells under a microscope will help the vet find the cause.

Hair loss in pet’s can be a result of thyroid disease, cushion’s disease, demodex mites and other causes. Once your vet knows what is causing the hair loss treatment can begin. Not all conditions treated will allow lost hair to grow back, but it will prevent more hair from falling out.


A rash is also a common pet problem, they can be caused by skin irritations, skin infections, allergies, and your pet licking, biting and chewing on an area that is itchy or even sore. Most pet rashes are harmless, but they do cause your pet distress, so a trip to the vet for a quick exam and some medication to help stop the rash.


Allergies are another popular problem for pets. Allergies are the number one cause of itching, allergies can be broken up into three categories environmental, fleas and ticks, and food allergies all of which cause some sort of skin condition.

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