Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work in New York City

Animal General Offers Pet Diagnostics and Pet Bloodwork

When animals are sick or injured, they can’t provide much information on where it hurts or how bad they feel. Pet diagnostics help veterinarians find the source of the problem, so treatment can begin that helps these animals to return to health. At Animal General in New York City, NY, we provide and pet bloodwork and diagnostics to provide superior care for our patients.

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Bloodwork Can Detect Many Conditions

Laboratory analysis of blood, urine, fecal matter and cells provide important information about what’s going on in an animal's body. Urine tests can detect urinary tract infections and blood in the urine that could indicate a problem in the urinary system. Blood tests check for a variety of different factors in the body’s chemicals that could indicate heart disease, kidney disease, liver disorders, infectious agents or immune system problems. Fecal tests can determine the presence of intestinal parasites or blood in the system. Tests on cells and fluids can detect the presence of cancers or pinpoint a particular type of pathogen that is causing illness. Together these tests offer the vet a detailed look at the systems of your pet’s body to help determine the causes of illness and dysfunction.        

Technology Helps Vets Pinpoint Health Problems

X-rays and ultrasound allow veterinarians to see inside an animal’s body, to find the causes of illness and to treat problems. The x-rays are used for hard tissue problems, such as fractures of the bones, joint problems and spinal disorders. Ultrasound uses sound waves to bounce off soft tissues in the body, to provide images that help detect changes in the size or structure of organs that might indicate injury or disease. Veterinarians use their extensive training to analyze the image produced by these technologies to help them make a more accurate diagnosis. These technologies, along with other kinds to tests, provide a full picture of your pet’s condition.

Make Animal General Your Veterinarian for Pet Diagnostics!

The veterinarians and staff at Animal General understand how important your pet is to you and your family. We provide individualized care for our patients in New York City to treat illness and maintain good health at every stage. We offer kitten and puppy care, examinations, preventative care, dental care, surgery, orthopedic treatment, and dermatology. Call Animal General today at (212) 501-9600 for an appointment to learn about the diagnostics measures that can help maintain your pet’s health.

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