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Pet Microchipping with Your Manhattan Veterinarian

At Animal General, our veterinary clinic offers a variety of services to keep your pet healthy and happy. We even have a microchipping service that gives you a peace of mind that you'll be reunited with your pet if he or she should happen to get lost. Whether you have a cat or dog, we'll provide your pet with a special chip that'll mean less worry for you.
pet microchipping

Definition of Microchipping

We offer a microchipping service to the Upper West Side and surrounding area of New York City. Our vet uses a needle to situate a small microchip consisting of an identification number unique to your pet. When scanned by a pet doctor or animal shelter, the professional accesses a database that'll bring up your pet's information. The information you wish to register is what remains in the database and is used in the event someone finds your pet. Your pet isn't being tracked using this device. It's strictly used if your pet is lost and returned to a place that scans the chip. Typically, our vet will implant the chip in between your pet's' shoulder blades under the skin, it's easy for someone to scan your pet and find the microchip.

Your pet doesn't experience much pain during the implantation of the chip. It tends to hurt about as much as a standard vaccination. Your pet will experience a pinch during the process, but it usually doesn't cause pain afterward.

About the Microchipping Appointment

At the appointment to have your dog, cat or other pet microchipped, our veterinary clinic will have you fill out paperwork regarding your pet's personal information. This is the most time-consuming aspect of your visit. Then, our animal doctor will give your pet the injection, which takes the same amount of time as a standard injection like the ones given to vaccinate your pet. If you're worried about your pet's comfort level during the procedure, you may want to have it done when you have him or her spayed or neutered, so your pet won't feel the pain. Our veterinarian does provide spaying and neutering.

Safety of Microchipping

Microchipping is a relatively safe procedure. Complications are possible but rare. As of now, New York law doesn't require you to get your pet microchipped; however, as veterinary experts serving the Upper West Side of New York City and as animals lovers, we advise you to do so since it's a safe, noninvasive procedure that'll help Fido or Fluffy return home safely.

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To have your pet microchipped, so you don't have to worry about your furry family member going missing, contact Animal General, serving Manhattan, New York, and the surrounding area, by calling (212) 501-9600 today.

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