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Veterinary Orthopedic Care in Manhattan

Watching a pet suffer after experiencing a broken limb or two or with hip dysplasia is very painful. We want to make sure that when you take your pet to us at Animal General in Manhattan, New York, he or she will get the best treatment possible. We've been around for more than three decades, so we understand that a healthy pet makes a happy home and will make every effort to ensure a successful surgical procedure and speedy recovery for your pet. 

While we are a full-service pet clinic, our staff is fully knowledgeable and capable of meeting our patients' needs in every category while being compassionate. Meanwhile, not every veterinary orthopedic situation requires surgery. We usually examine our patients thoroughly to ensure that surgery is recommended, only if necessary.

pet getting orthopedic treatment at vetWhat Is Orthopedic Surgery?

What to Expect During an Orthopedic Surgery 

When we do an orthopedic procedure on your pet, the aim is to ensure the canine's limb gets back to normal or some semblance of normalcy. Our procedures may require the use of additional items to keep the animal's limb intact. These include casts, pins, and screws, plates, or even artificial joints, depending on how bad the injury is. If your pet had an in-depth procedure, recovery might take up to several weeks. The pet usually has to remain at the hospital for up to two days. We will only prescribe antibiotics if there are certain skin conditions or any sign of an infection.

After Orthopedic Pet Surgery

Your pet will be lethargic following a painful surgery. Rest will be the number one factor in ensuring a speedy healing process. Don't worry that you'll have to take your pet back to the hospital as it is the first phase of the recovery process. We encourage you to keep the pet calm even after showing more positive signs to give the wound enough time to heal correctly. 

Even though the pain has eased, it doesn't mean that they are fully healed, so try to keep them calm until we give you clearance to let them run freely. When pets undergo surgery, it is similar to human surgery, and recovery hinges on how much rest is taken. Therapy is sometimes needed to bring your pet back to an optimal level. If you have any concerns at all, please call us immediately!

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If you believe that your pet has been injured, don't delay, call Animal General, Manhattan, NY at (212) 501-9600 to schedule an appointment today! If the injury is severe, we accept emergencies, so give us a call and let us prepare to handle your emergency. Caring for your pet is what we do best!

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