Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery at our Manhattan Animal Hospital

At Animal General, we believe every dog and cat deserves access to comprehensive, up-to-date medical care that accounts for every risk, and that includes pet surgery that is monitored closely and performed with the latest technology. Our Upper West Side veterinary team had decades of experience performing pet surgery, and we always put your pet’s safety first, administering anesthesia gradually and keeping track of their vital signs at all times. We offer the following types of surgery at our veterinary hospital in Manhattan:

Upper West Side Spay and Neuter Surgery

Spay and Neuter Surgery

If your dog or cat still has his or her reproductive organs, your vet will encourage you to schedule a spay or neuter surgery as soon as possible. This routine, outpatient procedure makes it impossible for your pets to reproduce, preventing unwanted litters and helping us fight pet overpopulation. But spaying or neutering your pet will also reduce or eliminate many health and behavior risks, from fighting and spraying to cancers of the reproductive organs.

Soft Tissue Pet Surgery

Pets need soft tissue surgery for many reasons, from routine preventative care to medical emergencies. If your pet has a condition or injury that requires surgery, we will use highly accurate ultrasound or X-ray technology to pinpoint the problem, then use the most minimally invasive methods and effective sedatives for their safety. Whether your pet swallowed the wrong thing or has a mysterious mass inside their body, soft tissue surgery could be a life-saving treatment.

Orthopedic Pet Surgery

If your pet has a fractured bone, degenerated joint, or any other bone-related condition that won’t heal on its own, your vet may recommend surgical treatment. Our orthopedics veterinarians have experience with a wide variety of orthopedic procedures, from minimally invasive ligament repairs to total joint replacements.  We offer orthopedic pet surgery to treat the following conditions:

  • Torn ACL and Other Ligament Injuries
  • Fractures and Breaks
  • Malformed Limbs
  • Accident Injuries
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Arthritis

Emergency Pet Surgery

Our veterinary hospital is open seven days a week for your family’s convenience (and peace of mind). If your dog or cat has a medical emergency that may require emergency pet surgery, come to Animal General and a doctor will do their best to fit you in right away.  

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