Routine Laboratory Testing

Routine Laboratory Testing With Your Manhattan Veterinarian

At Animal General, we pride ourselves on providing the upper west side and Manhattan area with a veterinary doctor who provides general and emergency procedures. Whether you have a cat, dog or exotic, our vet will exam and treat your pet. We also supply wellness visits and conduct routine laboratory testing as part of our regular screening.

routine lab testing

Benefits of On-Site Testing

On-site testing allows us to conduct testing quickly, so we're able to diagnose your pet sooner and start the treatment process as soon as possible. In cases where time matters, the testing at our facility is ideal. Your pet receives the best prognosis when we're able to treat the problem rapidly. Not to mention, on-site testing is more accurate than sending to a laboratory outside of the facility.

Our Laboratory Testing

At the visit, your cat or dog may require lab testing from the vet to determine levels of your pet's nutrients and blood cell count. The testing helps us determine infections, deficiencies and various other issues that affect your pet's health and wellness. If your pet requires surgery or a special procedure, our veterinary expert may conduct certain tests prior to the procedure to ensure the safety of the procedure. During a sick visit, our pet doctor may conduct certain laboratory testing such as a complete blood cell count.

Tests We Conduct

The number of tubes of blood we take depends upon the reason for the test. We may also gather other samples for testing besides blood such as a hair, skin, urine or stool sample. Our vet collects the sample and sends the specimen to the lab for analysis.

A complete blood cell count is one test our vet conducts that's useful in diagnosing infections and anemia. We may perform a chemistry analysis, which examines the different levels of electrolytes and other components in your pet's body. For instance, this test determines the amount of cholesterol and glucose in your cat or dog's blood in order to check for conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol. This particular testing may play a role in the diagnosis of kidney or liver problems. We're also able to detect thyroid problems, inflammatory issues and liver disease, just to name a few.

We collect stool samples to check for parasites. A urinary analysis can detect infection and metabolic disease. A hair or skin sample can help us diagnose parasites or rashes.

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At Animal General, we serve the upper west side and surrounding portion of Manhattan, New York. Our vet provides routine screenings, sick visits and even emergency treatment. To schedule an appointment with a veterinarian, contact us today at (212) 501-9600.

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