Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care from Our Manhattan Veterinarian

As pets get older, their risk of developing potentially serious health problems increases. Senior care for pets at Animal General helps ensure that they get the screenings, exams and services they need in order to find problems as early as possible. This helps improve their quality of life as they age. Find out more about how our Manhattan veterinarian.

Senior pet care

Senior Pet Wellness Exams in Manhattan

Pets who are around seven years old or older are generally considered seniors, although this depends on the type of pet and breed. Larger breeds are sometimes considered seniors earlier due to a shorter lifespan. At Animal General in Manhattan, we offer senior wellness exams to help these pets stay in good health for as long as possible. During these exams, our vet checks each dog and cat for early signs of health issues, such as heart problems, kidney problems or joint problems. Senior pets can also receive their vaccinations during these visits, which helps lower their risk of rabies and other serious diseases. Our vet might also discuss nutrition for older pets that are overweight or obese, since they face a higher chance of having health problems. 

Health Problems in Senior Pets

Senior pets have a higher risk of having problems that can affect different parts of their body, such as their hips, heart, liver or kidneys. They can also develop health issues that affect their brain function, resulting in senility. Some of the problems that older pets are at risk of getting include cancer, kidney disease, arthritis, diabetes and liver disease. Our Manhattan veterinarian can run tests to check for these health problems and discuss treatment options if needed.

Disease Management for Older Pets

Older pets with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, have a higher risk of having complications. Our vet can discuss ways to manage these conditions in order to reduce these risks. Pets with certain conditions, such as kidney disease, might need to come in more often to have our veterinarian check on their progress.

Dental Care for Senior Pets

Pets who have gum disease or other dental problems have an increased risk of developing serious health issues that affect their liver, kidneys or other organs. Our veterinary team will discuss dental care options for senior pets to help lower these risks and keep their teeth and gums clean. 

Contact Our Veterinary Doctor on the Upper West Side

If you have an older pet that needs geriatric care, please contact Animal General to set up an appointment. Our veterinary doctor on the Upper West Side in the 10024 ZIP code can provide your pet with high-quality care, including screenings for conditions that are common in senior pets.

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