Paul W Howell

Paul W. Howell
Dr. Paul Howell founded Animal General in 1984! Once, a one-doctor practice, Animal General is now one of the largest veterinary providers on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Dr. Howell’s unrequited passion for animals (and their owners) has created a loyal following of clientele. Dr. Howell earned his DVM from Colorado State and since opening the doors of Animal General has tirelessly work to create a private practice that focuses on client communication while providing thorough and comprehensive patient care. Part of that vision is creating a work environment in which each member is valued and knows the role they play in our patient's and client's lives is invaluable. Everyone at Animal General is part of a team, and part of a family.

Dr. Howell’s wit mixed with his enthusiasm, it’s not uncommon for clients to specifically request him. When Dr. Howell isn’t busy working, he can be found exploring the world! More than his love for travel, Dr. Howell’s main hobby is playing the harmonica. We haven’t heard him belt out any tunes yet, but hopefully with practice, he will be as good as a harmonica player as he is a doctor. Until then, we’ll just focus on his doctor skills.

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